A quick guide to the challenge of negative deposit rates and what investors can do in today’s markets. We will also uncover the value of the Cape Select Bond Fund as an alternative liquidity solution.

Luca Orlando, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager: Managing interest rate risk and credit risk as two separate asset classes – why it matters.

Michael Lienhard, Head Fixed Income Portfolio Management: The challenges of an asset class with a shrinking carry and diminishing diversification benefits in a balanced portfolio context.

Andreas Heeb, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager: Subordination in a capital structure context as an efficient tool to increase carry without changing the default risk profile.

Cape Capital runs a fixed income strategy that is focusing on credit risk of investment grade companies rather than pure interest rate risk. The strategy constantly maintains a low interest rate duration but keeps all flexibility to optimize returns through active credit risk management.

Sarah Zhu, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager: ESG in Fixed Income investing – green bonds, ESG labeling, what’s more?