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Exclusive access and sourcing of unique investment opportunities through a proprietary network, underpinned by an optimized organizational and legal structure across Growth venture, private equity & special situations.

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Cape Growth Opportunities (GO) Program

Discover the Growth Opportunities Program (GO Program) - a visionary franchise for investing in transformational companies across the cutting-edge sectors of technology, healthcare, media, and consumer products.

We believe that long-term business success requires a delicate balance between profit-driven strategies and a passionate drive to solve global challenges. With our innovative approach, we provide investors with the opportunity to be part of a movement that seeks to make a positive impact while never sacrificing financial growth.

Our deals are sourced through a proprietary network of reputable families, seasoned entrepreneurs, and industry captains, ensuring that only the best opportunities are presented to our investors.

Join us in backing the next generation of industry leaders that will shape our shared future.

Our GO Portfolio

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Sportradar is a supplier of sports and betting-related live data, odds solutions, and fraud detection services. The company is well-positioned at the intersection of the sport and media

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Scandit is a technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality scanning solutions. The company serves enterprises in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, and logistics worldwide.

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Play Magnus

Play Magnus Group is a global leader in the chess industry focused on providing the premier digital experiences for the millions of chess players and students around the world

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Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is a protein application powerhouse on a mission to be a catalyst for real-world impact on people and the planet. Bio-Alloy™ and Bio-F@rm™ technology platforms harness the unique properties of proteins to move the world away from petrochemical and animal-derived inputs without sacrificing material or ingredient performance.

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Visby Medical

Visby Medical is a company that develops diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases. It develops a device platform that aims to redefine the way an illness is tested and treated

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Illuminarium Experiences

Illuminarium is a digital entertainment brand that creating and operating high-end immersive entertainment experiences in megacities and tourism destinations around the world

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EquipmentShare is an equipment and digital solutions company serving the construction industry. It creates technology and end-user applications empowering contractors and optimizing for productivity

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Amazentis is a growing clinical stage biotech company positioned in the consumer health and clinical nutrition sectors. It employs the science to discover and develop products to manage health needs

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Direct Investments

Introducing our Direct Investments offering in Private Equity. Our focus is on mature companies with solid competitive positioning and proven business models. Our goal is to unlock even more value by leveraging our extensive network to accelerate the companies growth journey and to share the deep industry knowledge embedded within our ecosystem.

Our team of seasoned professionals works closely with each company to identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective strategies for value creation, with a focus on both commercial excellence and operational performance. We help companies achieve their full potential.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Direct Investments offering in Private Equity can help you achieve your investment goals.

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Special Situation Program

Discover the Special Situation Program - our opportunistic program designed to capitalize on market dislocations. This program offers investors the chance to invest in private credit and other alternative investments during times of market disruption.

Our team of seasoned professionals is constantly monitoring the market to identify opportunities to invest in high-yielding, low-risk assets. By capitalizing on dislocations in the market, we aim to deliver strong returns for our investors.

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