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Cape views every investment, service and strategy through a sustainable lens, seeking to minimize negative impact while maximizing the positive. We have also partnered with major institutions to help improve our internal process while fostering a greener way of thinking and support of critical ESG initiatives.

Advisory Services

We work with our wealth management clients to explore and define their personal values pertaining to investment, so they can align their portfolios to what they believe, or that can create a specific desired impact. Our goal is to provide every client with access to seasoned impact-focused managers, investments and research, in addition to a powerful set of tools to fully customize their solutions.

Asset Management

Every company that enters the Cape funds has been rigorously assessed using Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. Our fund and risk managers analyze each security as part of our bottom-up fundamental research and investment process to ensure they meet our standards.

Venture Programs

We formed our private markets and venture programs to provide more direct opportunities to create real impact. We are proud to manage thematic funds of progressive companies, and by doing so, allow our clients to invest in transformational innovation in future critical areas like food and agriculture.

Research Partnerships

We believe good governance is the foundation of any kind of responsible corporate strategy.

Working closely with the Center for Sustainable Finance, we are auditing every process at Cape, learning and adjusting our approach so we can give the most value to our investors and to the world we share.

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