Fixed Income Monthly Retrospective
Midway Reflection

Fixed Income

7 Apr 2020

Fixed Income Weekly
Record US job loss, early signs of market stabilization, fallen angel and default risk mounting

Fixed Income

6 Apr 2020

Watch out for “Cliff”
November was a reasonably constructive month in terms of credit spreads in aggregate.

Fixed Income

18 Dec 2019

Rates rebounded, credit spreads softened
US data this week confirmed again the relatively solid consumer side and the softening industrial side of the economy.

Fixed Income

15 Nov 2019

Fixed Income – Beware of de-tail
We observe a strong decompression of IG vs. HY in the light of QE 2.0 and a higher number of “accidents” - but within the IG complex we would expect some spread compression

Fixed Income

1 Nov 2019

New low-duration fund
Cape Capital launches the Cape Select Bond Fund - offering investors a short-term alternative to holding cash in times of negative interest rates

News from Cape

7 Oct 2019

Credit matters – a practical roadmap to tranches
CDS tranches may be used to construct a comfort zone amid a universe of unknowns. Tranches allow investors to slice and dice the risks, to tailor a default risk profile that they find more bearable, while potentially generating an attractive carry

Fixed Income

1 Aug 2019