17 JAN 2022

Powell Testimony, Endemic, Q4 Earnings

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Powell testimony and Fed official vow to bring down inflation and leave the door open to even more aggressive tapering than the base line suggested in the dot plots; IG benchmarks & ETFs suffer from their interest rate duration

Certain govts start to attempt the ‘endemic’ discussion while the WHO warned against this narrative; certain re-open pockets remain attractive given the govt willingness to loosen up the restrictions; COVID resurgence in China posts a concern to the global supply chain and the manufacturing sector

Q4 earnings started by US banks disappointing on trading revenues and rising costs; earnings quality and visibility will be key going into a regime with rising dispersion and a tightening cycle, another reason in favour of active credit- and rates management

High beta credit spreads took cue from equity vol but at a much lower magnitude; curve steepening and quality compression remain the trend as investors prefer ‘default’ risk over duration risk

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