Private equity opportunities

Since the foundation of Cape Capital in 2002, we have approached private equity investments opportunistically, aiming to invest in concepts, people and teams that show a potential to deliver above-average market returns, whether through direct deals or private equity funds. The asset class of private equity has always been viewed as complimentary to our liquid asset strategy, although we have been very selective and only invested in opportunities that clear our due diligence process.

Our focus is on finding attractive opportunities in developed markets (US and Europe), that would give exposure to growing, revenue-generating companies with exceptional and proven management teams, and based on ideas and concepts that are easy to understand.

If you would like to share an opportunity with Cape Capital, we would appreciate if you would submit your proposal via our deal management tool (powered by DealMarket). We receive hundreds of opportunities each year, so this will ensure that we can give you feedback faster. To share your opportunity with us, please use the links below:

Click here for direct investments

Click here for fund commitments

Note: All information provided will be kept confidential and for our internal records only.