04 DEC 2023

Accelerating AI adoption by building trust in AI: Lofred Madzou

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Cape recently hosted a compelling conversation at our Zurich offices as part of our ongoing series, Cape Conversations. In this instalment, our own Equity Analyst Thomas Williams had the privilege of engaging with our guest Lofred Madzou, Director of Strategy at TruEra, a visionary in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), governance and innovation.

At the heart of the discussion, Lofred delved into key themes reshaping the landscape of AI. From analysing the genuine capabilities and limitations of generative AI systems, to navigating the various methods and tools to make AI trustworthy so as to unlock its full potential; Lofred offered profound insights that resonate at the core of our commitment to embracing responsible innovation at Cape.

As we explore the intersection of advanced technology and governance, Lofred's expertise sheds light on the evolving dynamics that businesses face in this AI era. Our Cape Conversations series aims to distil expert insights, providing you with a deeper understanding of the transformative forces shaping our industries.

Join us in this riveting conversation as Lofred Madzou shares his perspectives as part of our commitment to fostering meaningful dialogues on the frontiers of industry and technology.

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