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When we invest we act with conviction. Yet, we also acknowledge the nuances, and are diligently monitoring a range of possible scenarios that may confirm or challenge our beliefs.

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When it comes to ESG integration and impact investing we apply the same principles that have historically made us successful. We are firm in our view of right and wrong, of just and unjust. Yet, we also acknowledge the ever-changing world we are in.

More and more companies providing solutions for a better world are emerging. Some sectors are in transition and are creating significant change by revisiting the way they do business and incorporate sustainable practices. Other business activities may in themselves have negative externalities but are critical enablers for a sustainable future. We believe in understanding complexities, acknowledging trade-offs and then acting with conviction – as an investor, as global citizens and as your partner.


At Cape Capital our advisory services and practices are usually built on a foundation of purpose and passion areas that our founding families and partners personally believe in and endorse. Sustainability is a topic that is no exception. The cornerstone being a strong nature positive focus, enabling us to translate experience, research and best practice into a tangible offering and investment advice for our wealth management clients, through our own product shelf and beyond, but aligned with a bespoke crafted impact.


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At Cape Capital our approach to responsible investing is both pragmatic and humble. While some strategies have a deeper focus on sustainability than others, we strive to adopt a “do no harm” mindset in everything we do. We are committed to continuous learning, in the knowledge that this is an ever-evolving topic in a constantly changing world. Our partnership with the University of Zurich’s center for Sustainable Finance is a testament to this commitment.

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