20 JUL 2023

On location at the Natural History Museum: Doug Gurr and Ingrid Kukuljan

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Cape visited the Natural History Museum to conduct an interview with the museum's Director, Doug Gurr, alongside Federated Hermes' Head of Impact and Sustainable Investing, Ingrid Kukuljan.

Biodiversity is a subject that deeply resonates with us at Cape, and it plays a crucial role in our Nature Strategy.

Extensive research has long highlighted the primary drivers of biodiversity loss, and the time has come to overhaul our economic system to ensure it gives back more to nature than it takes from it. It is now the opportune moment to embrace a nature-positive approach.

Our Nature Strategy was designed in order to assist our clients in actively supporting the transition towards a nature-positive future. And who better to engage in conversation than Doug, the director of the institution responsible for creating the Biodiversity Intactness Index, and Ingrid, a leading advocate for active and responsible investing, from Federated Hermes.

This interview was conducted by our Impact Investment Specialist Alexandre Micheloud, and we take great pride in sharing it with you.

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