22 APR 2024

Innovations, generations and imaginations: Zenia Tata

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We recently invited Zenia Tata; innovation strategist, futurist and humanitarian, to Cape in Zurich, to talk to some of our partners and clients over a lunch event. Before doing so, Cape’s Camille Biancheri spent some time with Zenia talking about challenges and opportunities, in this inspiring Cape Conversation.

A mindset shift to truly impact our world – Innovations, generations and imaginations with Zenia Tata.

Zenia Tata is passionate about tapping the vastness of human potential to tackle the planet’s most vexing problems. In the Cape Conversation with Camille, Zenia’s energy, relentless pursuit for change and inspiring nature shine through.

It is no wonder that throughout her 25 year career Zenia has been hailed as a breakthrough speaker and thinker, in international publications and forums. She has a sense of adventure and an explorer’s mindset, and the perfect combination of optimism and realism to drive the change she wants to see.

“I think it’s time. It’s time that we all adopted this kind of generational impact mindset that allows us to ask those questions of each other in a way that we can all grow. ”

– Zenia Tata

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