Kristijan Roskovic


Meet Kristijan Roskovic

Kristijan joined Cape Capital in August 2023.

As one of Cape’s valued trainees, Kristijan's responsibilities include IT support to the whole team, as well as overseeing meeting room administration and general operations tasks.

Kristijan's journey is characterized by diversity, having completed his apprenticeship as a bricklayer and devoting 1.5 years to attain an EFZ diploma in business administration.

An exceptional trait of Kristijan lies in his skill at building relationships. His open and responsive approach to dealing with people means he creates and maintains connections across the company.

Beyond his professional role, Kristijan's love for travel is a driving force. He possesses a strong desire to explore various cultures and embrace diverse experiences.

Off-duty, Kristijan's energy is channelled into sports, where his interests span across various activities, most notably football. He values socializing with colleagues over drinks, cultivating and maintaining meaningful friendships beyond the workplace.

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