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Founded in 2002, we have grown steadily thanks to our clients' trust and our uncompromising focus on providing personalized, transparent and unbiased advice.

Family Office Advisory

Based in Zurich, Cape Capital is a trusted advisor and wealth manager to several large European families. Our offering rests on three pillars:


We don’t see ourselves as private bankers – we are a trusted advisor. We care about alignment of interests – we invest in our own funds and in all ideas alongside our clients. Our company culture of accountability and responsibility is unique and it ensures longevity and sustainability of our relationships.


We cater to large families – we understand their needs and customize our offering to them. Our key asset is our people, going out of our way to find solutions, acting as a team where all members have direct contact with clients, to provide long-term impact. In 2016 we roll out a proprietary technology platform that will take communication with our clients and their family members (in particular the next generation) to a new level.


Our priority is not just performance, but risk-adjusted performance. We offer our clients investment opportunities, many of which are unique, exotic or contrarian – but always simple to understand. Fully customized portfolios and solutions make this performance ever more valuable, as each client has individual needs and risk appetite.

The Wealth Manager

We are here to make life easier – by providing consolidation of assets across banks, jurisdictions, managers and mandates. Having a picture of the overall wealth allows us to manage asset allocation and risk, and to provide financial solutions when needed, as well as to assist in wealth planning and next-generation issues.

The Asset Manager

We manage our clients’ assets on either a discretionary or an advisory basis, combining our in-house capabilities with a selection of top third-party managers and funds globally. We research and screen ideas that come from our clients, combining this with investment ideas that we source from our network to create a powerful set of tools and fully customized solutions, in order to yield superior risk-adjusted returns.

The Solution Partner

We believe that no single firm can efficiently address all of its clients’ issues. We work with a network of top experts in various fields (such as structures, trusts, and taxation) whose work we have seen first-hand, usually through our work with families, and who have earned our respect. Our independence in this respect has been of great value to our clients.

The Trusted Advisor & Project Manager

Over time, as trust grows and our relationship with a client develops, we are often able to take on additional roles for them, serving as a trusted “sparring partner” for new endeavors, or as a project manager.

Alex Vukajlovic

Partner / Client Advisor

Johan Holgersson

Partner / Client Advisor

Stephan J. Vlcek

Client Advisor

Fanny Duch-Tafakis

Client Support

Angela Hürlimann

Client Support

Robert Hickel


Boris Elsen

Legal & Compliance

Caglar Bilgin

Trading & Execution

Claudia Rossier

Back Office

Marion Cutting


Anne Henke

Project Management

Investment Solutions

Cape Capital is a FINMA-regulated asset manager based in Zurich. On the back of our strong track record in managed accounts, we launched four funds in 2015. The idea is to accommodate investors whom we were unable to onboard to our Family Office Advisory platform. Additionally, we believe that our fund platform will improve execution and performance to all of our clients.

Rather than accepting the ordinary market practice, we have followed our conviction and beliefs, creating funds that are regulated, liquid, have fair pricing, and are easy to understand. The strategies were not chosen based on market demand or marketing efforts, but rather are driven by our beliefs. They constitute a palette of products that can serve key objectives as a stand-alone or in a combination with other investments.

The four Cape strategies, structured as Luxembourg SICAV-SIF funds, are unique and each stands out in some way from competitors.

Cape Fixed Income Fund

The objective of the strategy is to achieve what traditional bond funds will have a hard time delivering after a 30-year bull market – namely, preservation of purchasing power with a net target return of Libor + 250 bps over a credit cycle. Our Fixed Income strategy generically reduces its interest rate duration to a corridor of one to two years and uses the whole spectrum of credit instruments to provide an attractive and stable carry – while reducing the downside and mitigating risks through hedging. This strategy has a track record of over seven years, provides daily liquidity to investors, and has a competitive pricing structure.

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Cape Absolute Equity Fund

The objective of the strategy is to deliver Euribor plus 5% annualized return over a three-year horizon, through investment in global equities. We like to call it a “next generation” equity hedge fund because unlike most of its peers it is run as a concentrated, high-conviction strategy with 20-30 investments, it uses futures to hedge market exposure rather than stock-shorting (which tends to detract value over time), offers daily liquidity to investors in a regulated structure, and has no performance fees attached. The net exposure varies between +100% and -50% depending on the market conditions.

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Cape Value Equity

The objective of the strategy is to achieve above-equity-market returns by investing in a global portfolio of stocks in a manner that is simple to understand and cost-efficient. The Fund is managed in a concentrated way, with exposure to 20-30 large companies (market capitalization > €5bn), and will remain fully invested (90-100%) under ordinary market conditions, making it a more tangible and viable alternative to index funds or ETFs. Focus is on identifying and holding large, market-leading companies that have modest debt (if any), above-average growth, an attractive valuation, and are capable of paying dividends on a sustainable basis.

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Cape Long/Short Equity Fund

The objective of the strategy is to deliver equity-like returns with lower volatility, through investing in long/short equity funds; we see these as a new generation of funds that can use a full arsenal of instruments to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. We manage our fund by investing in a concentrated yet diversified portfolio of 8-12 long/short equity funds, run by reputable investment managers in a transparent way. Thus, this fund provides a good addition to the traditional equity portfolios of both private and institutional investors, as it can reduce the volatility of returns, while not impeding the upside over time.

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Kim Gueissaz

Head of Research & Portfolio Management

Michael Lienhard

Fixed Income

Andreas Heeb

Fixed Income

Björn Germer

Equity Research

Björn Danckwardt-Lillieström

Equity Research

Philipp Schlumpf

Risk Officer

Jordan Nickerson

Fund Advisor

Luca Orlando

Trading and Execution

Laura Casey

Back Office

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